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An Indian Monk
The 15-year-old daughter who was smart and pretty, but she had a strange disease. An Indian monk said he could cure her.
By Sam Chen Posted in Strange Stories on 03/20/2019 19 Comments 3 min read
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An Indian Monk

In the year 805, there was a multimillionaire named Bu Wang who lived in the East Market of Chang’an City. He was an educated and reasonable person. Many businessmen knew him. Wang had a 15-year-old daughter who was smart and pretty,but she had a strange disease.

There were two legume-like polyps growing from Wang’s daughter’s nose. Each of the polyps was about an inch long. The roots of them were very thin and fine. The girl ached in the heart and bones when the polyps were touched. As any father would be, Wang was very worried. He spent a million dollars but his daughter was still ill.

One day, an Indian monk came to Wang’s house to beg for food. He said to Wang, “I hear your daughter has a strange illness. Could I see her? I can cure her.” Wang was absolutely delighted when he heard what the monk had said. He took the monk to see his daughter at once.

The monk took some white powder and blew it into the girl’s nostrils. Soon the polyps dropped by themselves. Just a little yellow water came out of her nose. The girl did not feel any pain.

Wang was even more ecstatic. He wanted to give the monk a lot of silver ingots. However, the Indian monk refused, “I am a monk. I can’t receive money. The two polyps are the only things I want.” So the monk took the polyps, said goodbye to Wang, and left in a hurry.

After a while, a blindingly handsome young man who rode up on a white horse came. The young man looked very young, just in his early 20s. On the horse, his slender figure was obvious. Under his thick black hair, the young man’s features were sculptural. He had an oval face with rosy lips, pretty white teeth, and a noble nose. When he looked at you, you felt like you were the most important person in the world. There was a heroic spirit exuding from eyebrows. Girls in the streets were staring at him. Even many men in the street couldn’t help but glance at him.

He knocked on Wang’s door and asked, “Did a foreign monk come here just now?” So Wang let the young man in and told him what had happened. The man sighed “My weak horse can’t run fast. I am one step behind the monk!” Wang felt very strange and ask him what was going on. The young man said “Two Health demi-gods disappeared. Sources say they were hiding in your daughter ’s nostrils. I am a demi-god. I came here to take them home under the Gods’ orders. However, the monk has beaten me to it. I’m going to find him and get them back.” After hearing what the young man said, Wang saluted to him at once. When he looked up, the young man had disappeared.

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  1. Thanks for writing this story titled an Indian monk. I must commend you for taking your time to write this wonderful story, it so interesting that I wish for it not to stop where you stopped it. I really learnt many lessons from this article and as strange as the story is about the two semi God hiding in Wang daughter nostril 

  2. It is a wonderful story. 

    I have been told about several kinds of holy powders curing chronic diseases. I have not seen one in my eyes. It is strange but nothing is impossible.

    I have seen one Indian monk living inside a cave in the Himalayas taking a bath in ice water (he got into the water digging the ice) and took a fairly long bath with the bare body. He was not visibly feeling cold.

    I am happy the daughter got cured by the Indian monk. It was a nice description of the young man. I thought the story will end of getting married to a girl but ended in an unusual way. But that’s okay.

    1. Hey, Anusuya. Thank you for sharing what you’ve seen and heard with me! Maybe I will write another story according to your idea. Thank you for the inspiration!

  3. Great story I was hooked from the start. Will there be a part 2? I really hope there is. I want to know if the demi-god found the monk and how that turned out.

    I’m from the Caribbean and so the whole culture of the story is unorthodox to me, however, I really enjoyed it.

  4. interesting story about this indian monk, I was very interested to know who was this young man on horseback,  I wish if you could share how this story ends, if this young man could recover these two health demi gods and return them back home.

    Thank you for sharing this great article about this Indian monk.

  5. I very much enjoyed reading this strange story. Very curious to see if there is any story that tells us what happens next. In this case, is the monk supposed to be the bad guy who is going after the two health demi-gods?

    1. Hi, Mutsumi! Thank you for enjoying my story. About this story, we don’t know what would happen. The story leaves a lot of room for the imagination, so you have to decide for yourself!

  6. I very much enjoyed reading the story. Very curious to see if there is another part that finishes the story. So, is the monk supposed to be a bad guy in this story who is after two health demi-gods?  Let us know 🙂 Would love to know what goes on in the next chapter.  

  7. That’s is quite an interesting story, although the ending is some how strange. I feel for the father of the girl, who has lost fortune trying to cure his daughter all to no avail. The story shows that help do comes from unexpected source when one is completely helpless.

    The monk did a magical healing upon the girl. Thanks for sharing this great story with us.

  8. What a strange story indeed. Does it mean that the Indian Monk already knew what was hidden in the polyps in the wealthy man daughter’s nose and pretended to ask for all, only to cunningly offer help? No wonder he wanted no compensation for his ability to relieve the girl of her pain.

    I also wonder why as a demi-god, an ordinary human, The Indian Monk was able to be faster than the handsome man.We probably are more powerful than we know. Quite an Interesting read.

    1. Hi, Vapz. I think the Indian Monk already knew, but there is lots of room for imagination, you can decide yourself.

  9. This is a strange but an interesting story. Two demi gods living in the nostrils of a young à and beautiful lady. She must have endured a whole lot of pains in those years. There are lot of questions to be asked about the two strangers hat visited Wang. What’s the name of the demi gods that were asked to be brought back? Where did the man disappeared to after Wang saluted him? I hope this I can get my answers in an Indian monk part two. Best regards 

  10. Quite a strange story, I am not too sure what is behind this story. It seems to be an uncomplete story.

    Is it just a portion of the storyline? Who was the indian monk, a god? a devel?

    Is it a story of fight between Indian buddha and chinese god?

    This storyline create alot of query and possibility at the moment.

    1. You are right, Cheong Seow Ling. I left a lot of room to imagine, so you can decide yourself.