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The Walnut 

The walnut flew away. No one knew what kind of monster it was.

The Walnut  In the Tang dynasty, a man who lived in Chang’an died suddenly one day, leaving his wife and 11-year-old son. His son had been having nightmares ever since his father died. He kept seeing something outside the window in his room. Was he dreaming? Or was it real life? At midnight, an old […]

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An Iron Nail Case

Han Huang was not only good at painting but also a detective.

An Iron Nail Case Han Huang was a quite well-known artist in the Tang Dynasty. His painting, “Five Oxen,” is one of top ten paintings which was handed down from ancient times in China. The painting is now in the Palace Museum in Beijing. Han Huang was not only good at painting but also a […]

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An Indian Monk

The 15-year-old daughter who was smart and pretty, but she had a strange disease. An Indian monk said he could cure her.

An Indian Monk In the year 805, there was a multimillionaire named Bu Wang who lived in the East Market of Chang’an City. He was an educated and reasonable person. Many businessmen knew him. Wang had a 15-year-old daughter who was smart and pretty,but she had a strange disease. There were two legume-like polyps growing […]

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Painted Skin

Mom, I’ve almost been eaten up by a monster!

Painted Skin In the Tang dynasty, China, sometime between AD 785 and 855, a man named Shen Wang lived with his wife and son at a bungalow in the west side of the Capital, Chang’an. Wang was a philanthropy-minded person. He planted a large area of elms and built several thatched huts to shelter passing […]

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A River God

We believe in River Gods, because they can benefit the people. For this reason, every emperor orders every province and county to build a River God temple.

A River God In the Tang dynasty, the year 785, there was a man named Mr. Yuan. He was a military staff officer stationed in Tangan, Hubei Province. After getting out of the army, Mr. Yuan began to travel around. One day, he arrived in a place called Bachuan in Southwest China and went to […]

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A Man from the Moon

The man said he was one of eighty-two thousand repairmen on the moon. The details he mentioned about the moon were very accurate.

A Man from the Moon In the Tang dynasty, China, a year between AD 827 and 835, Zheng Renben and his friend Wang visited Mount Song. Across hills and rivers, the two people went sightseeing happily. After a long walk, they found themselves in a deep valley. They were lost. It was late, Zheng and […]

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A Missing Bride

This is a strange but true story. The two criminals were never caught.

A Missing Bride This is a strange but true story. In Wuxiu County, Henan Province, China, a family married their daughter in February, in the year 714. The father asked his son to escort his older sister to her husband’s house. According to local customs, relatives, friends, and neighbors would stop marriage carriages on their […]

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The Illusionist

He shouted to the boy. The beheaded boy recovered and stood up slowly with no injuries in his neck.

The Illusionist In the Tang dynasty, an illusionist walked through Chang’an’s streets with a little boy and his backpack. No one knew his name. There were many props in the backpack. While the illusionist was performing on streets, he cut off the boy’s head with a knife and told audiences, “I can bring him back […]

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The woman was never seen or heard from again.

Revenge Lee Wang was the Deputy County Mayor of Yuqian County, Jiangxi Province, China. After completing his term as the Deputy County Mayor, he went back to the Capital, Chang’an, and rented a house in Taining District, waiting for a new appointment. Because something was wrong with the paperwork he sent, his superior didn’t give […]

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Liyang Lake: A Paradoxical Story

The old woman asked why, but the boy left without answering.

Liyang Lake A Paradoxical Story There was an old woman in Liyang county. She was very kind and often did good deeds. One day, a young man went to her door to beg. The old woman helped him warmly, giving him the best food in her house. The boy was very grateful to her. Before […]

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