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The woman was never seen or heard from again.
By Sam Chen Posted in Strange Stories on 01/06/2019 64 Comments 5 min read
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Lee Wang was the Deputy County Mayor of Yuqian County, Jiangxi Province, China. After completing his term as the Deputy County Mayor, he went back to the Capital, Chang’an, and rented a house in Taining District, waiting for a new appointment. Because something was wrong with the paperwork he sent, his superior didn’t give him an appointment. A lot of time passed, and Wang spent everything he had to the last penny. He was down and out. He even found himself begging for food in temples.

One evening, Wang was walking back to his home despondently. He turned down a long, quiet alley and found himself walking next to a woman. The two began to talk. The woman thought he was a nice man, and the feeling was mutual. Wang invited the woman to his home, and she readily accepted the invitation.

At Wang’s house, he told the woman what had happened to him. The woman showed deep sympathy for Wang. Wang looked at her closely, noticing how beautiful she was. The two people locked eyes as the night grew deeper.

It was a night of love and stillness.

The next day, the woman said to Wang “You are so poverty-stricken, I live in Chongren District, not far from here. I have some assets, you can live there with me.”

Wang was very happy after hearing that and asked her what she did for a living.

The woman said, “I was a businessman’s wife. My husband died 10 years ago, but I have a shop in the city. I take care of business during the day and come home every evening. It earns me 300 dollars a day, so I can get by. We don’t know when your appointment will come. You have no money. If you don’t mind, come live with me while you wait.”

So Wang moved to the woman’s house. The woman didn’t treat him as an outsider, and she gave him all the keys. Not only that, she took care of him meticulously. Every day before leaving home, she prepared meals for the day, and in the evening she went back home with meat, rice, and the money earned. Wang thought the woman was too painstaking and suggested that she bought a servant, but the woman refused. One year later, their baby was born. The woman went back home to breastfeed at noon every day, fulfilling the duties of a mother.

Two years passed.

One day, the woman didn’t come back at dusk as usual. Wang couldn’t help worrying. After midnight, the woman came back home with a serious look. Wang asked her what happened. The woman told him the truth, “To be honest with you, I am not a businessman’s wife. The shop is just a cover. I have a blood feud to avenge over the years with perseverance and consistency. All I want is to kill the enemy. Tonight I did it. Now the situation is very urgent. I have to leave Chang’an immediately.”

Wang was startled. Was she making up this shocking story?

The woman went on “You can stay in the house after I leave. I bought it for fifty thousand dollars. The deed is inside the folding screen. All my assets I leave to you. I can’t take the baby with me, please take care of him.” The woman cried after saying this. She wiped away her tears and said goodbye to Wang.

Wang repeatedly urged the woman to stay, but she was impervious to his pleading. Wang hugged her not knowing what to say. He looked down giving the leather bag that the woman was carrying a sidelong glance. There was a bloody human head in it. At that moment, Wang believed everything she said was true.

He pushed her away without thinking.

The woman smiled, “Don’t be afraid. It has nothing to do with you. “

The woman ran out of the house with the bag. Wang chased her, but she was light as a swallow, climbing over the high wall. Wang couldn’t catch up with her, and stood in a daze at the door. He was stunned by what he saw. He couldn’t imagine that the woman who lived with him for three years was a martial artist with great skill. He wandered around the yard. The whole thing was like a dream. Suddenly, he heard someone jump off the high wall, and he looked up. It was the woman. Wang was very happy, maybe she changed her mind and decided to stay!

But the woman said, “I just want to breastfeed our baby one last time.”

With mixed feelings, Wang gazed after the woman, watching her move swiftly into the house. She came back out almost as quickly as she had entered. She waved goodbye to Wang and disappeared into the night. Wang felt something was wrong, and he rushed into the house. The baby’s head was cut off.

Wang stood bent over his beheaded child all night, paralyzed with shock.

The following day, he roughly buried the baby. He left Chang’an and stayed in a city near the Capital. Wang waited and watched, but Chang’an was very quiet, there was no news about a murder. In the winter of the same year, he finally received the appointment. After selling the house in Chang’an, he left to take up his new duty. The woman was never seen or heard from again.


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  1. You are a great storyteller and I couldn’t stop reading till the end. It was strange that the women invited Lee Wang to stay with her, as she hardly knew him and also strange that in the years they stayed together he never once became suspicious of her.

    Also what mother would kill her child – that I can’t fathom. The story has quite a twist in the tail and leaves the reader wondering what really happened here.

    1. Hey, Michel, thank you for your comment. I am so glad you enjoyed the story! We don’t know what she had gone through and what she would go through. I think she didn’t want to care for anything or anyone, 

  2. That was an interesting story. Hmmm, I wonder what happened to her, I’ll just assume that she left so she wouldn’t get caught. The whole time Wang had no idea what her true motives were. That goes to show you that, you could never know someone even if you  think you do.

  3. Ok, that was a very strange story. But I guess I should have expected that given that your website is called strange Chinese story. Why on earth would the woman go back in and behead her own child? It makes no sense. Also, how did she make any money if she didn’t really own a business? Did she kill people and take their money? So many questions. In any case, it was an entertaining story and I read the whole thing!

    1. Hey, Mariah! Thank you for your comment. I am so happy that you enjoyed the story! We don’t know what happened to the woman. I think she didn’t want to do it at first, but then she didn’t want to be concerned about the child, the woman was going to be hunted by her enemies for the rest of her life, and she didn’t want her boy involved in that. As far as the money, maybe she came from a wealthy family or she was really a businessman’s wife. The story leaves a lot of room for the imagination, so you have to decide for yourself!

  4. This Chinese story is really strange, It is so shocking for Wang to know after a long time about this woman, she lied to him and he believed her. If it was for me i were to simply run away the moment i saw the human head on the bag, he was even brave enough to chase the woman who even killed the baby. It was really hectic for Wang and he is lucky to be alive.

    1. Yeah, I agree with you, a rational man will do what you said, but a man who falls in love with a woman is always crazy and vice versa!

  5. Interesting story. i found it very captivating and keeping me trying to read.

    it does almost sound third person and like a life expirence that one has lived. i have to ask if this is a true story? or just created?

    I find the women carrying a head in a bag and then commiting the same act on her child very gory and brutal. How could such a nice women flip. There is no explination in the story besides she was lying about who she was. 

    Great read and writing. thanks for the wonderful story. i find myself wondering about wangs well being now.

    All the best


    1. Hi Scott,

          It is not a true story.Thank you for enjoying the story. The same to you!


      Sam Chen

  6. Hi,

    Well, I must say, thank you for sharing a good 5 minute read,

    Quite interesting story, I had to read every single word on it, this is a good short story, and yes I would love to know more about Wang and if he ever saw that woman again.

    Sad moment about the baby, didn’t like that, 

    First time in your website, and I liked what I read. 

    1. Hi, Alejandra. Thank you for your comment! I think it’s better to leave some room for imagination!

  7. What a read, was startled to be honest.Has a mix of fun, humor and horror. What kind of feud did this woman have and why did she have to behead the baby?. My Wang being a previous deputy should have been suspicious and know something is wrong, why just let her go.I think i’m taking this personal, “smiles” looking forward to the next story.

    1. Hey, Rahye! A very good analysis of the story! We don’t know what had happened to the woman. I think the woman didn’t want to do it first, but she changed her mind later. Because she would be hunted down by her enemies, she didn’t want her child to be an encumbrance and her concern. However, everyone has their own opinions on the story.

  8. Dear Sam,

    Thanks for the story I enjoyed it but I felt like crying when I read what happened to the little baby unexpected it.

    Your story telling style is amazing and engaging. Thank you for taking the time to do this. I really enjoyed the story and in the manner that you presented.

    May I ask…

    Is this a true story?

    Much Success!


    1. Hey Paul,

      I am happy that you enjoyed it! Fortunately, it is not a true story, so you can breathe a sigh of relief. 🙂

      Thank you, the same to you!

      Sam Chen

  9. Hi Sam Chen,

    Thanks for sharing this real mysterious life story of revenge. Many people will get perfect knowledge and feel the future result of such story while reading it. I am going to share it to all of my friend so that they can read it and gain some real life knowledge. The real tragedy and pathetic moment was cutting of the baby’s head by the woman who was the baby’s real mother. It is really hard to believe that a mother can kill her baby and it seems there is more story behind it. I am waiting for your next post.

    1. Hey, mzakapon! Thank you for your comment! I am very glad to hear that you will share my story with your friends! Stay tuned!

  10. Strange Chinese Story, you can say that again. Very nice keeping the suspense.  I´m still wondering who the man was, she killed  and why… Sorry to hear that the baby did not survive however a bit harse don´t you think. Happy however that Mr Wang found the position that the was longing for in the end. ; ) Looking foreard in reading the next ” Strange Chinese Story”

  11. This a very strange Chinese story that can make Avery  romantic. Movie  it’s  strange how wang stayed with a woman for three years without him noticing that something was not right with this beautiful lady  but he was blinded by her love and she was taking care of him  what wang Never came to realize is this lady was using wang as a cover for the time they were living in that city.

    1. Hey, Charles! I agree with you! The story can be adapted into a very romantic thriller!

  12. This strange story caught me off guard, revenge indeed  is a bitter retaliation of a victim who has suffered same fate or worse the original source of the pain that brought about revenge itself. the lady was so brutal to lie to someone for 3 years whom she had a child for and what on earth could have made her cut off the baby’s head? this is so tragic.  

    1. Hey, Seun! Maybe her past experiences made her did that. Thank you for your comment! Stay close!

  13. Hi! This is a very intriguing story. And it has a very unpredictable ending. At least, I wasn’t expecting it. And that’s what I believe the author has tried to reap: shake our basis concerning our conception of motherhood.

    In this short story, I think we quickly form an idea of the woman’s character. And by the end of the story, we’re taken by surprised, just as Wang, by her action.

  14. This is a lovely story and i must tell you your stories always inspire me to read more. I have been your follower ever since i read the first story on your blog.

    The mother killing her child is just like a suspense to me,   This is a strange story and i must appreciate you for putting this together

  15. This is a very strange story and interesting too, I think living with someone for three years is enough to have much details about them even they are hiding something. But people can be secretive at times and you won’t have the slightest idea about their identity. The woman would have left the child without killing it and this made me conclude she doesn’t love the man. 

    1. Hi, Ayodeji. Thank you for your comment! The story leaves a lot of room for the imagination, so you can decide for yourself.

  16. Nice read there. You are good at writing such stories and I spend the last few minutes glued to the screen reading where the story will go. It’s sad what happened to the baby, I found this to be a bit too harsh but a story is a story. I am going to pass this to my wife to read as I am sure she will also find it interesting.

    1. Hi, Stratos! Thank you for your comment! I hope your wife will like the story, too as well!

  17. What a great story, I love the types of tales that go a little bit against the grain somewhat. It just shows you what love can drive a person to do. 

    I am a little confused about why this woman finally decided to do what she did to her child? I get it that it’s a ‘strange’ story, but that is bordering on horror! 

    Could you maybe explain a little?

    1. Thank you for your comment, Chris! We don’t know what happened to the woman. I think the woman didn’t want to do it at first, but then she didn’t want to be concerned about the child, she was going to be hunted by her enemies for the rest of her life, and she didn’t want her boy involved in that. The story leaves a lot of room for the imagination, so you have to decide for yourself!

  18. What a well written, enticing story. With such a tragic unexpected end. It’s such a very clever way to shock the reader while also challenging preconceived ideas. Impressively written piece. My question is, what was she doing every day for so long when she was away each day, and how did he not notice any inconsistencies with her? And despite the fact that she told him she needed to leave, that he still trusted her to be safe with their baby after what she’d told him before she left. Hmm, makes me wonder why did he believe her to actually want to breastfeed her baby. It also raised my compassion for his trusting nature and loss. Thanks for sharing. 

    1. Hey, Kat! I think every day the woman was looking for chances to get revenge and a man who falls in love with a woman is blind and vice versa. No one expects a mother to kill her child. Thank you!

  19. The starting on this page is quite the eye catcher. It gave me a zeal to check out the rest of the post.

    as I got to the middle of this story I got scared, lol.

    this is the strangest story I have ever heard..

    is it real real?… I’m very shocked.

    this lady is… 

    I’m justreally shocked here…

  20. The story is really strange and opens room for a  lot of thoughts. How did the man not suspect her for over three years? Though i guessed she didn’t want to be bothered by the child and also to sever all ties with lee wang that why she killed her child. I guess it is also a good thing foe Wang because the baby will have always reminded him of her.Beautiful tragic short story. The story just opens up your imagination and lets you wander what caused the events and what comes next. The writer did a great job.

  21. Great writeup, I never expected such ending but that makes it more interesting. When they met, I can’t help but notice that you wrote “The woman thought he was a nice man, and the feeling was mutual”, this made me think the man had it coming and deserve what he got, but you never hint us on the shortcoming of the man so the level of revenge he got can be compared to what he actually did. In all, I enjoyed the story. Keep up the good work. 

  22. Mind you this was an interesting read. Definitely strange, but I went through a series of emotions. Lots of surprises no doubt. It’s interesting to see that on hand she reaches out to help the man with a place, food, etc and on the other hand she kills her own offspring. 

    The man must be feeling exactly as we the readers feel, why on earth did it happen? I wonder if the man has resources(as a new deputy mayor) to go and find the women. Maybe it might lead to stranger tales….

    Thanks for this, bookmarked your site, looking forward to checking out new stories.



  23. You tell a great story, Sam. I was hooked right up to the end wondering why a woman would invite a stranger into her home. We can only guess as to why she did what she did to her son. Since the story was told from Wang’s viewpoint, it is difficult to determine more facts about the woman and her motivations to do what she did. I guess that’s what good storytellers do, leave us wanting more and to think about the story.

  24. Wow! This is quite a story. I was spellbound until I came to the end of the story. At a time I had a mixed feeling that Wang might be harmed by the woman, however as the story unfolds, I thought that Wang might become greedy and steal from the woman, however none of this happened, the story is quite unpredictable. I am however saddened by the knowledge that the woman killed her own child after getting her revenge, why she did that is quite a mystery to me. I am happy for Wang though, he was able to get his promotion after all not to talk of the proceeds from the woman’s property. I really had fun reading the story, “Revenge”

  25. The woman was never seen or heard again from (sad)! what a sad ending. Nice story though, and well articulated. The title “Revenge” really depict what the entire story is all about. Great concept, and great Very mysterious story. Painful  and so pathetic the woman had to kill Wang’s baby. Interesting story generally but mixed with sadness(smiles). Thanks for this brilliant article.

  26. Hmnmm this story is so intriguing and emotional. Am feeling so nervous already. Wait a minute. Could this be real?  Could this be a life story?  How could someone leave her whole assets to someone and still behead her child just like that?  What could be the meaning of this? Well, I still trying to figure out some lessons in this story. 

    1. Hi, Kenechi! It is not a story. The woman was preoccupied with revenge and she didn’t want to be concerned about the child. Thank you!

  27. Hi there,

    This is a terrible story, but fascinating!

    I still don’t understand why this woman would kill her own baby. This is rude! She must be crazy. 

    What about Wang? He sold the house, and he buried his baby.  Will he look for this women? What about police, does anyone paid attention that the baby disappeared? All these questions are passing through my mind. 

    Thank you for this intriguing story!

    1. Hi, Daniella! Thank you for your comment! I don’t think Wang can the woman even if he want to. Obviously, no one notices the whole thing.

  28. It was really strange story for me digest. I have read many revenge stories before but very few stories involve killing breast feeding baby.It is a cruel act for any reason. By the way cruelty exist in most of the revenge stories.It involved mysterious woman who became deadly for revenge. 

  29. Okay this story is like a ride in a galloping road.. Up and down up and down. Nice sorry. You are a very captivating story teller. I was absolutely in awe. Wang wen through a very mixed emotional period. From losing his job to to finding love as a result to bliss and enjoyment and then to the horror of losing his lover and his child by his lover. I guess in the end everything that happens was just to kill time in between his losing and getting his appointment back because he went in single and came out without anyone he got along the line. Nice story

  30. er…what the heck! this cant be real! this is mental! like seriously! did you make this up?

    if there was no crime reported how did this story come about? also as a mother no way would she kill her own child…

    arent all people in china martial arts experts? how could he be surprised? I’ve seen the movies – its in their DNA! 

    this isnt real is it?

  31. This is a really strange story. Though the story is lengthy but I couldn’t stop until I read it till the end. It was strange how Lee Whang could not suspect that the woman is not what she claimed to be despite living together for three years and having a child together. It shows that the heart of human is so deep. Why did the woman have to come back and cut off the head of her own child? This will make Lee Whang live in fear for the rest of his life. 

    1. Hi, AbiodunS! Thank you for your comment! I think the woman didn’t want to kill her son first. However, she knew she would be hunted by her enemies for the rest of her life. She didn’t want her boy involved in it.

  32. This story is a quirky story alright. 

    I find it strange that a destitute man would attract a beautiful woman. In much the same way that men like pretty women, it is my experience that pretty women like well-to-do men. But perhaps Mr Wang had such prepossessing charm that he could break the pattern, in which case well done him. 

    The story leaves many things unanswered. For instance, who was the target of the woman’s revenge? Why did she, who at first seemed so generous and patient become so wicked and cruel as to kill her own infant? Also, if she was so evil, why did she not kill Mr Wang? Why did she walk around with a severed head in her bag? How come she forgot to murder her child when first she left her house and then when she returned why did she feel the need to climb over the wall rather than knock at the front door? 

    Is this is the beginning of a longer story? I hope so, because I want more.  😉

    1. Hi, tayo. Thank you for your comment! I want to leave a lot of room for the imagination, so you have to decide for yourself. Right now I have no plans to write a long story about it, maybe I will in the future.