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The Walnut 
The walnut flew away. No one knew what kind of monster it was.
By Sam Chen Posted in Strange Stories on 05/24/2019 10 Comments 2 min read
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The Walnut 

In the Tang dynasty, a man who lived in Chang’an died suddenly one day, leaving his wife and 11-year-old son.

His son had been having nightmares ever since his father died. He kept seeing something outside the window in his room. Was he dreaming? Or was it real life? At midnight, an old man in white with a green face and ferocious fangs entered the room. The old man looked around the room silently, and then walked close to the bedside. A maid was sleeping with her head on the edge of the child’s bed. The man seized the maid by the neck and ripped off her clothes, nibbling her flesh until her bones were exposed. Then he began to eat her internal organs. The son was awakened by the sound. Seeing the terrible scene, he could not speak for a while. 

It was a long time before the screams came from the room. Hearing the sound, the mother hurried into the room. All that was left was her son, the bones, and the maid’s ripped clothes.

A few months passed. One day, the boy’s mother held a memorial ceremony for her husband. It was dusk when the ceremony ended. She sat on the ground and enjoyed the cool air. A wasp flew towards the woman and circled her. She slapped the wasp with her fan to the ground. However, when she looked at the ground, all she could see was a walnut. She picked it up and examined it. While she was scrutinizing it, she noticed the walnut was growing slowly –first, it was as big as a fist, then a saucer. At last, it was as big as a millstone and it divided into two shells, spinning rapidly in the air, making a wasp’s sound. 

Without warning, the walnut enveloped her head, squeezing and cutting into her neck as it span. Her teeth popped out and hung on a tree nearby, the flesh and blood still clinging to them. The walnut flew away. No one knew what kind of monster it was. 

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  1. Wow, that was one of the weirdest but yet most captivating stories I’ve ever read… 

    Speaking of walnuts devouring heads, have you ever noticed that their inside actually looks almost identical to what a human brain looks like?

    Maybe that’s how they ended up looking like this?? :O

    Looking forward to your next story 🙂

  2. I absolutely LOVE reading stories from other cultures.  Often they take more than one read and are truly thought provoking.  Often they were passed down through oral story telling and come to us now.  I am very pleased that they are now being put in print to preserve them for the ages.

    This puts me in mind of the original Grimm’s “Fairy Tales” that bear no resemblance the Walt Disney-fied versions that we get today.  There you get the true grit of a story and something to actually think about.  I hope you continue to find and reprint these classic Chinese tales.

    It is only by keeping these stories in print and by wide dissemination that they will be kept alive for our future generations.  Keep up the great writing!

  3. Hello there!
    What a furious story!! I read articles on internet many often but never seen like this. I also very fornd of stories and like to read horrors. This is a real horror. Is it written by you? If yes, then it must to say thay you have a very good hand for writing. But what is the main point? I mean what should I learn from this story?

    1. Hi akborm,
      I wrote the story. I don’t think you can learn something from the story. However, in ancient times, when there was no television or Internet. Reading such stories was one of the amusements. That’s what these stories were for. Thank you!

  4. Wow, this story is not what I expected. Can’t imagine what would I do if I were the boy. Maybe did the same thing he did, in shock and immobile. What happened for the wife was horrible too, omg it was so unexpected. Is this an urban story? How did you hear about the story, did your parents tell you about it or was it a famous legend? This story gives me jeebie heebies. I am eating walnut every morning for my brain now I sure hope that thing is not going to cut my neck off. Lol enjoy reading this, thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Nuttanee, it is a strange story from the Tang dynasty of China which is not very famous. Thank you!

  5. Hello there!
    This is horrible!! So furious story I have read for many days. I also very fond of stories and like to read horrors. This a real horror I must say. it is must to say that you have a very good hand for writting. But what should I learn from this story? Is there any educational aspect? However, hope for the best for your future writings.

    1. Hi Snigdha. Thank you! In ancient times, when there was no television or Internet. Reading such stories was one of the amusements. That’s what these stories were for.